Who am I?

Photo © Cyrille Drevon As I sang in my crib, my parents decided when I was 6 to offer me music lessons at the local Conservatoire. Later, I graduated in music theory, chamber music and recorder. Then I studied musicology at the Conservatoire with Marie-Anne Rivière for three years and studied harmony and counterpoint with Alexandre Benéteau. I finally perfected my skills thanks to several workshops with recognized composers (Cyrille Aufort, Etienne Rolin, Jean-Michel Bernard).

As I always have been a cinemagoer, it was natural for me to begin my music career in 2003 by working for the film industry. Emergence laureate in 2009, finalist or winner in several competitions, I have written music for about sixty short films, one feature film and several TV documentaries.

But I also compose for videogames, performing arts (Académie Fratellini) and concerts. I have been commissionned by several musical ensembles and soloists (Orchestre de Fourvière, Orchestre d'Harmonie de Pantin, Brassage Brass Band, Ensemble Vocal Mélisande, etc..) for a number of works: Terra Nova, Promised Land, Catharsis, Edzengui, Fall and Death of the Tree of Life, etc... Some of them crossed borders to Japan or Brazil.

Part of my back catalog is published by Green United Music / Cezame Music Agency and CDM Music Library. My works are regularly broadcasted on TV channels like TF1, France 2, M6 or Rai Uno.


Curriculum Vitae / Full credits


- Awards -

   > 2016: Nominated for La Vague (Festival d'Aubagne)
   > 2013: Nominated for Cupidon (Festival Croq'Anime, Paris)
   > 2010: First Award - Chaville Film Music Competition
   > 2010: Nominated for Skin Light (Festival d'Aubagne)
   > 2009: SACEM / Emergence laureate
   > 2007: Finalist - European Talent Award - Soundtrack Cologne (Germany)
   > 2005: Finalist - "Musiques en Courts" (Sceaux)

- Workshops / Residencies -

   > 2016: Composer-in-residence at Saint-Palais-sur-Mer (3rd Electrosession)
   > 2013: Professional meetings SACEM / SRF (Brive Festival)
   > 2010: Film music workshop with Cyrille Aufort
   > 2010: Professional meetings "3e Personnage" (Aubagne Festival)
   > 2009: Emergence workshop with Jean-Michel Bernard
   > 1999: Improvisation workshop with Etienne Rolin

- Educationnal background -

   > Since 2009: Harmony and counterpoint with Alexandre Benéteau
   > 2013: Certificate of Music Technology (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
   > 1997-2000: Musicology and analysis with M.-A. Rivière
   > 1988-1999: Diplomas in recorder, chamber music and music theory

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