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Music for orchestras and large ensembles

  Remembrance, for Bb trumpet and brass ensemble (3', 2016)

  Terra Nova, for concert band (7', 2013)

  Tribute (arrangement), for brass band (3', 2011-2016)

  Catharsis, for brass band (18', 2013) (revised version)  

  Edzengui, for mixed choir, piano and flute (13', 2010)

Chamber music

  Sídhe, for C trumpet and organ(5', 2017)

  Flux et Reflux, for Bb Clarinet and electronic (11', 2016)

  Qinah, for Bb clarinet and electronics (4', 2016)

  Remembrance (arrangement), for Bb trumpet and piano (3', 2016)

  Promised Land, for string quartet, flute and clarinet (13', 2014)

  Momentum, for piano (3', 2014)

  Déserts, for piano, recorder quintet and percussions (12', 2011)

  Tribute, for string quintet (3', 2011)

  Ukiyo-e, for soprano or tenor recorder (6', 2005-2010)

  Monument Valley, for two recorders (2', 2009)

  Birth, for recorders, piano, two guitars and vibraphone (3', 2007)

  Fall And Death Of The Tree Of Life, for recorders, tape and storyteller (12', 2007)

  Invocación, for amplified bass recorder (2', 2006)

  Générique de Fin (for brass quartet) (OST Cet Art Mou qu'est l'Amour, 2015)

  Dracula & Salammbô (for piano and A clarinet) (OST Dracula & Salammbô, 2012)

  La Mort de John (for string orchestra) (OST Les Colts de l'Or Noir, 2010)

  Errances (for string orchestra) (OST Duellum, 2008)

  Valse de Jolie Bobine (for orchestra) (OST Jolie Bobine, 2011)

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