• A Journey to Heaven

    Digital release of A Journey to Heaven on December 19, 2017

  • League Of Legends

    Three epic songs broadcasted during the League of Legends World Championship

  • Editions de l'Octanphare

    Monument Valley and Qinah is now published by Editions de l'Octanphare

  • Sídhe

    Sídhe for C trumpet and organ, with Pierre Badel

  • Taking Lives

    Taking Lives for GUM Tapes / Universal with the Macedonian Radio Orchestra

  • Epic Scores

    Release of the album Epic Scores at Universal with 14 of my trailer / epic tracks

  • Ahnenerbe, les Terribles Savants d'Hitler

    Additional music for the documentary Ahnenerbe, les Terribles Savants d'Hitler

  • Flux & Reflux

    Flux & Reflux, for Bb clarinet and electronics

  • Embracing The Wind

    Embracing The Wind, a song blending piano, cello and electronics

  • L'Avocat, un Fruit qui fait sa Loi

    Additional music for the documentary L'Avocat, un Fruit qui fait sa Loi

  • Remembrance

    Remembrance, with Pierre Badel and the Budapest Symphony Orchestra

  • A Journey to Heaven

    A Journey to Heaven, avec le Budapest Symphony Orchestra

  • Lights of Hope

    Lights Of Hope, by Budapest Symphony Orchestra and Hervé Chiapparin

  • ExoMars

    Additional music for the documentary ExoMars: The Hunt for Life

  • La Lune

    Release of Masaé Gimbayashi-Barbotte's album, including my piece Momentum

  • Gasoline Road

    Soundtrack of the post-apocalyptic film Gasoline Road

  • Le Syndrome de Doris Day

    Soundtrack of the film Le Syndrome Doris Day

  • Qinah

    Qinah, for clarinet and electronics, commissionned by the town of Saint-Palais-sur-Mer

  • La Vague

    My soundtrack for the movie La Vague is nominated at the Festival d'Aubagne

  • Damien Deshayes, Compositeur, (c) Pee Ash


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